Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rubba Dub Dub

Emma is starting to like the tub. As GMa would say, I greased her up like a little pig!



She's starting to fill out her newborn outfits.



Annnnnd out!




Hanging with Aunt Kam and the Boys

It got up to 41° F this afternoon. We're having a heat wave! Cooper and Max enjoyed playing in the slush.





Emma enjoyed the sunshine too.


Once we got back inside, 3/4 of the Petty family contingent stood watch while Emma had some active time.


Melt My Heart

We went for a walk this afternoon because it was actually somewhat warm outside! When we got back, Emma was the most awake I've ever seen her. Heart melting ensued.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hanging with Emma

She's less than impressed with our selfie. :P


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Guess I Knew

Since I'll be taking the year off, I started to submit my EI claim online the last week in February. I was close to my due date and didn't feel like I was going to deliver any time soon. Under the field of expected due date, I put 3/15/14. :)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Emma Has A Drinking Problem



Pandemic Addiction

In the last few months Ian and I have discovered that we really love board games. Not the casual stuff like Monopoly or Scrabble... but games that are really complex like Caverna, Stone Age and 7 Wonders. We've also discovered Co-Op games where you play against the game instead of each other. Pandemic is the best version of this. You fight the spread of multiple diseases and work to cure them. Super fun. Very intense. Easy to descend into chaos. We love it but thought we might not be able to play as much now that Emma is here. Ian found a way around this. :P



A Common Sight

Emma had some feeding/weight loss issues last week and we had to see the doctor every single day. Ian got to be an expert at getting her ready for our car rides. And yes, that is the smallest warm coat we have.


When Skies Are Gray

(or too sunny if you're me :P)


Monday, March 24, 2014

Love Sprout

This is the app that is keeping Ian and I sane. Love it!




Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Splish Splash

Emma took a bath! This was mostly the Ian and Emma show on Monday evening. I just took cute pictures and helped with hooded towel placement. :P



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Introducing Emma Bailey Matheson

Emma Bailey Matheson arrived on Saturday, March 15th at 2:58pm. She was a week overdue but a few days before my scheduled induction. She weighed in at 8lbs 7oz and 22 inches long. I'll keep the story of her birth mostly short...

Ian and I decided to go grocery shopping on Friday evening so that we could sleep in on Saturday. I was feeling very pregnant but the walking could - and probably did - help. As we started down the frozen foods aisle, I felt something that made me stand still and say OH a bunch of times. It was not quite my water breaking but close to it. We headed to the hospital and got some mixed messages. Yes, that is fluid... No, my water didn't break... Maybe, it will break soon. We had been through this process twice before - baby monitoring plus walking laps around the hospital... Why not go a third round? :| After returning from another hour long session of hallway loops with multiple bathroom pit stops, they still weren't sure. When they started hooking me up to continue monitoring baby, the dam burst. Game on.

I was admitted into a private birth suite and was ready to get settled. But my contractions weren't regular so more walking was on the menu. After yet another hour long loop, we decided to induce to get the process moving. I laboured for 4 hours. The nurse had turned off most of the lights and Ian laid down to sleep. The contraction pain was tolerable but the constant pain from my hips was unbearable. I couldn't move around because the baby needed to be monitored and there was no way to get comfortable. The nurse read my face perfectly and offered up the epidural. Within 20 minutes or so, I was all set. I was able to get about 2 hours of sleep before the contractions were noticeable again. I pushed for 3 hours before the OB suggested forceps. I was willing to do pretty much anything to avoid a c-section.

My assigned nurse was wonderful. She prepared me for most of what came next. A ton of people in the room: a pediatrician and her resident, a NICU resident, the OB and his resident, the charge nurse and a couple others. I'll spare everyone including myself the gory details but the OB started to use the forceps. At one point Emma's heart rate started to drop with each contraction and push. Thankfully it went back up almost immediately after the contraction was over. The charge nurse got on the phone and started preparing for a c-section. I was super disappointed to hear this but really surprised when the OB kept on trying. I couldn't feel the pain of it all because of the epidural but I could feel the extreme pressure. Nothing was changing until suddenly I had 3 more people in addition to my nurse and Ian helping me push and out she came.

I wasn't able to do skin to skin because they used forceps and Emma needed to see the pediatrician first. The rest was a blur. People worked on me, people worked on Emma, lots of talking. She didn't exactly cry right away but following a little suction she let out a wail. Ian and I were getting teary eyed. :P It's crazy how life suddenly changes.

She was mostly ok from delivery... She was crooked in my pelvis so her head was a little cone shaped to the side. The forceps left some bruising on her face and a bright red mark across her eye. All of this has since cleared up and she's only 4 days old. Now we become crazy first time parents who worry over every little thing and can't really see the light at the end of the tunnel at this point. This too shall pass. :)

We got to go home the next day. :)


And we're settled...



Friday, March 14, 2014

A Little Late

Now that I have some free time on my hands....... I'm catching up on some things I should have done last summer. I got a little distracted by the whole being pregnant thing and forgot to upload the pictures from Coop, Max and Kamber's Visit in July 2013. I've dropped them in Google since there are so many... Here are links to the slideshows. I didn't do much filtering of the pictures.. so there could be duplicates.

General Fun

Visit to Clovermead Farm

African Lion Safari Trip

I can't believe our backyard actually looks like that.. seems like a distant memory.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


When will baby girl arrive? Who the heck knows... I won't go past the 18th but hopefully she gets a move on before then. Most likely it will be tomorrow - this is the forecast. :P