Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blurry Proof

...of the first snow at The House!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Max Quacks: Just Posin'

Coop Scoop: First Dentist Vist!

This happened last month... but I just wanted to show what a cool cat Cooper is. Look at the hand behind the head. Cool as a Cucumber! He is awesome.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Preparing For An American Invasion

This weekend was all about ready the troops (Ian and I) for battle against the incoming American invasion. A.k.a. My family is coming to visit in a little less than 2 weeks. Yay! We've been setting up the guest bedrooms, cleaning and making lists (as Ian said "No one else does this...." and my response was "You married a Project Manager - deal with it").

My Mental Health Day was very nice. I got a massage in the morning but unfortunately it just caused the pinched nerve in my neck to flare up. But it's okay... my insurance paid for the massage. =] I wrapped Christmas gifts and got my hair done in the afternoon. I was at the salon for about 3 hours. I had to have my hair striped of the black parts, colored a warm dark brown and then cut. I think it turned out nice.

We put up Christmas lights and slowly started to decorate. I just need to finish the Christmas gift wrapping, put together the grocery list and then we are all set!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Lights!

The best of the blurry pictures. It looks good. Classic. Traditional. Love it!

One of my favorite carols... Done Muppet Style!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Is Coming!

Matching Temperature Control

Finally!! We have had a fancy master bathroom. But there has been one missing piece. The temperature control for the shower was not what we picked. It was a basic cheap hotel room crap temperature control. (Sorry I've been a little angry about this.... And yes, I'm silly.) So... after many phone calls and emails... the plumber came today and installed it. I love it. It matches the fixtures in the bathroom. My favorite part is the hot is a sun and the cold is a snowflake. LOVE IT.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blinds & Guest Bedrooms

I finally finished decorating the Guest Bedroom and take pictures. I know the request was just for blinds but I wanted it to look perfect.

This is the formal Guest Bedroom. It has a Queen size bed in it and that's pretty much all it can fit. Eventually we will be getting some night stands... but it is going to stay pretty simple.


This is what we call the Front Bedroom. It has an air mattress in it right now in preparation for my family's visit in two weeks. Eventually it will be a kid's bedroom... so ignore the plain walls. =P


Master Bedroom.. self explanatory...


This is the Ensuite. I really love how the shutters turned out. The bathroom is supposed have a bit of a Cape Cod feel to it. That's why I went with the traditional style of shutters. You'll see near the taps there are a couple lanterns... and the pictures up on the wall are from our Algonquin Trip. We plan to put up 2 white shelves on the right hand wall. After that.. this room will be complete.


Same picture but portrait.. this way you can see the paneling at the bottom of the tub.


Overall, I love how the blinds turned out especially with the white "tapes". I never liked see the strings on blinds. Totally worth it... plus I was getting mighty tired of the paper blinds or the towel curtains. (Remember that you can click on the pictures and see a large slideshow)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Missed Deadline

I can explain why you're not looking at blinds. I got busy...... sort of. Ian and I spent the weekend shopping, cleaning, organizing and preparing. My family arrives in 20 days. The guest bedrooms are so close to being ready. I'm 99% done with my Christmas shopping. Ian won't leave one of Max's gifts alone. He starts playing with it, gives me this mischievous look and then runs away with it.

The last couple weeks have been... meh for me. I don't want to dive into why... but it was completely ridiculous. So, in an effort to get back to where I was, I'm taking a Mental Health Day this week. On Friday, I am getting a massage in the morning, wrapping Christmas presents and getting my hair done in the afternoon. I think it's my attempt at hitting the reset button on my mood.

In summary... I am sorry for the missing pictures of blinds. They do look great... but being the perfectionist I am.. I want the rooms to be perfect before I show them off. Most likely I will get to it tomorrow. Promise.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Oskar's Stache

My friend sent me a picture of her dog, Oskar Meyer. Apparently, he wants in on Movember. =P

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Halloween Wrapup

I have jumped at the chance to turn Halloween into a geeky event! We had 62 trick or treaters. We also saw a few trends. A lot of kids had on costumes that are more expected of the opposite gender (confusing sentence). For instance, we had a female Luigi, 2 male ladybugs, and a female pirate. Pirates in general were pretty popular. The nice thing about our new neighborhood is that there are a ton of babies and toddlers. Lots of poofy costumes - flowers, Mr. Potato Heads, etc. I loved handing out candy to the kids while Ian kept track of the number. Ian is making fun of the fact that my graph only has 1 data point. I told him to shush. =P

Max Quacks: I'm Thrilled be playing Uncle Fester. Can't you tell?

I mean... who wouldn't want to be Uncle Fester for Halloween? Riveting.

Just kidding! CHEESE!!!

Seriously... how do I look? Someone give me a light bulb...

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Coop Scoop: The Happiest Dinosaur Around