Friday, September 27, 2013

Preparing For A Third Wheel

We knew we needed to buy a new car when we had kids. The Neon is GREAT (hopefully it can't read this) but it's too small, too old, and we really should have two cars. After weeding out other cars because of size, options and price, we landed on the Ford Edge SEL. Here is a sample picture.

We decided to buy now because it is month end, quarter end and model year end. Dealers want to deal and I think we got a pretty good one. The only problem is that because it is model year end, they don't have many in stock. Especially ones that are Mineral Gray (the color above), Medium Light Stone interior, and have options that include a panoramic roof, power liftgate, remote start, touch screen controls, leather seating, etc. The coolest option that I am not sure we will use but is probably good to have.. a fold flat front passenger seat. Ian and I test drove it (got lost) and loved it. Lots of pick up and go. Feels solid and MASSIVE compared to the Neon. Pretty sure I'm going to mow down children and the elderly in it.

Anyway, because there were none available that we wanted, our car will be built and delivered in about 10 weeks. There's no rush on our end, so we are pretty happy!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

California Fall Trip 2013: Happy Birthday Ma/GMa

Nothing says birthday like a CLOWN CONE CAKE!!

Say cheeeeeese!

Baby Registry: It's A Start

I've begun to create the baby registries. I say registries because I really can't find everything in one place. Babies R' Us has a good selection (not everything though) but their prices are higher. doesn't have that good of a selection but their prices are lower plus free shipping over $25. I wish I could just get everything at because it is soooooo much cheaper! 

There is a lot more to register for.. but most of it is gender specific. The bonus of having to go see a genetic counselor is that we will have a high resolution ultrasound done. We should be able to see what we are having from that. Our appointment is on October 11th, so hopefully I will get a slightly early birthday present! :) 

Monday, September 16, 2013

California Fall Trip 2013: Work Stuff

I've spent the morning running around the campus, informally meeting with the people I work with or used to work with. It's very... surreal? It seems a lifetime ago that I worked here. 

I came a little early to the conference to get a good seat - at the back, closest to the restroom. :P

Sunday, September 15, 2013

California Fall Trip 2013: Sunset at Gladstones

We went for dinner near sunset. Good food. Good views. Lots of pelicans. :>

A line of pelicans coming in for dinner.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

California Fall Trip 2013: Yep We're In The Valley

That reads 108 Fahrenheit.  

California Fall Trip 2013: Guess Where We Are?


California Fall Trip 2013: Uhm Ok

We have arrived at the airport and had breakfast. We headed to our gate... But only found a "restaurant". There are very few regular gate seats. Most of the tables are equipped with iPads that are free to use and electrical outlets.  You don't have to order anything... the restaurant IS the gate. (Random side note.. a woman just sat down and took out a full size computer monitor, mouse, keyboard, AND laptop. It's all set up and she is ready to compute! 0o) 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

State of Our Union - Baby Edition

Ian and I expanding our house by two feet. Oh boy (or girl) what a cliche. I am pregnant! My due date is March 8, 2014. I've had three ultrasounds (long story) and the little bugger looks like this:

I am at 14 weeks now and we are beyond excited, especially now that our families know. It happened a million times quicker than either of us thought it would. We have 5 1/2 months to get our heads wrapped around it. 

Here is a breakdown of the usual questions I get:
  • It is not easy being green! - It shouldn't be called Morning Sickness when it occurs all damn day. I have been really sick but thankfully just nauseated.  I have tried the prescription medicine diclectin and it did nothing but make me drowsy. Kitchen Adventures is to be continued... I barely feel like eating and can't be tempted to eat new foods. (Sorry Ian)
  • Not big on surprises! - Yes, Ian and I will be finding out the sex of the baby as soon as humanly possible. We are both planners and it is vital information, for us and our families.
  • A whole year?? - As of today, I do plan on taking the full year of maternity leave. It is so unbelievable that I will be off of work for an entire year. But my company tops up my salary for 10 weeks and I know that the time off is an absolute GIFT. 
  • OB or Midwife Debate - Even today I have been waffling on this decision. I have heard such good things about local midwives... and it is proving to be a big challenge to get accepted by an OB prior to the usual 28 weeks - the good ones fill up quickly... I found out that the midwives group that I wanted to get into is actually booked for my due date. So both are a challenge. I will find out hopefully tomorrow if I was accepted by the OB I wanted. I knew some things would be frustrating.. this is one of them.
  • Downgraded - Needless to say the Brittany Upgraded project is on hold. I briefly touched 40lbs lost but went up from there. This aspect was the only one that gave me pause - if you could call it that. (I said "aww darnit" in my head.) I have gained about 5lbs so far. In my range, I need to gain at least 15lbs, which will mostly be weight from the baby. If I eat well and pack it on at a good pace, I shouldn't gain back all I lost. The eating well part is hard right now as NOTHING sounds good and the thought of eating turns my stomach. But I'm keeping down my prenatal vitamins and enough food for baby and I.
  • What's in a name? - This is one part that we won't be sharing. We've decided to keep the name game a secret process. Why? Opinions are like tushies*, everyone has one. If we put a name out there, I'm sure someone knows someone with that name that they don't like very much... (don't worry - we are not going to pick something unique like "Perla" or "Ryker". It will be a "normal" run of the mill name). So it is best if this part stays secret. 

What's up next? Prenatal appointments, potentially a high resolution ultrasound at McMaster University and lots of waiting. Oh and shopping. Lots of shopping. :) 

*Phrase changed to be more baby friendly...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's The Final Countdown!

Okay, not really. But I went to type "countdown" and the song popped into my head. Ian and I are expecting (much longer post to come later). I was going to change the countdown to our California Trip... but let's face it. It's, like, a second away. At least that is how it feels! There are many countdowns to be had between now and March... My birthday... Real Thanksgiving... Christmas... New Years... but this is the one that is hanging over our heads right now. 

178 days until chaos ensues. Good chaos, if there is such a thing. :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall Virginia Trip 2013: Dork Football Is Awesome

Cooper got a nerf football set that is for use at night. Naturally Ian and Derek had to try it out. 

The sexy daytime look. 

The nighttime look, less sexy but much more useful. 

Believe it or not, that is Ian... not a deer. :)

Fall Virginia Trip 2013: Blurred Jumpers

These blurry pictures are Cooper and Max getting their jump on at Cooper's 5th birthday party. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Virginia Trip 2013: What's New At The Zoo

We are hanging out at the National Zoo watching Kamber, Cooper and Max ride the Carousel. 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Virginia Trip 2013: Boarded

...but not happy. No Cheesecake Factory and STRESSSSSS. :| 


Fall Virginia Trip 2013: They Let Us In!

And now we are headed to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Flight is at 8:00pm. :)

Fall Virginia Trip 2013: America!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Back from camping. Marathon sprint to Thursday. Dinner in Buffalo. Depart at 8:07pm. Arrive in Virginia at 9:14pm. PARTY! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Muskoka Camping 2013: Last Stop

We had to make one last stop. It's a must to go to Weber's Burgers to or from Cottage Country. So good!

Muskoka Camping 2013: Sunday Day of Critters

The campsite was visited by lots of wildlife on Sunday. Lots of big bluejays. 

We headed to the falls on the campground where I got scared by a giant spider (not pictured). 

Duncan sitting by the falls (not scared by spiders). 

On the way back up, we spotted this little guy rolling around. 

At camp that afternoon, Ian successfully fed a few chipmunks. He unsuccessfully tried to take a few chipmunks home. 

He left a chair "trap" for them when he had to get up. 

Best of all... 3 toads visited us at the campfire last night. Sweet!  

Muskoka Camping 2013: Saturday Back At Camp

Maureen and Drew argued over the best way to build a fire. 

We missed sunset over the lake but it was still pretty. 


Muskoka Camping 2013: Algonquin Visit

On Saturday, we headed to Algonquin to try to catch some moose and beaver (no luck) and stop by the Visitors Centre. This is the view from the deck. 

Ian trying on his dream jacket. 

We stopped by Opeongo Lake where we saw the beaver the first time. 

And had lunch at the Portage store at Canoe Lake. 

Muskoka Camping 2013: Early Morning Construction

Drew is fixing the deep grooves the rain made last night. (We're waiting to go to Algonquin :P)