Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's The Deal With Brittany?

This year seems to be the year of issues. It feels like every month there is something going on that isn't all that good. This month it's definitely the fact that I've been sick for almost 3 weeks. I went back to the doctor today because the "strong" antibiotics haven't done anything for me. They've attributed it to my asthma but it's just possible that what I have is viral. Awesome. Next steps to take is a chest x-ray tomorrow and blood work. They have given me a new asthma medication to take. I took it this evening and my lungs feel pretty good.

I really have to look on the bright side though... Fall has begun! It's been really windy and rainy the past couple of days and I got news tonight that it is going to continue next week. I've started Christmas shopping or at least getting together a list of ideas. I'm finalizing our wedding invitations - yes, I'm still sending out invitations even if only a few people are invited! Ian and I might go cake tasting this weekend if possible (contingent on me being able to taste by the weekend). Lots of good things to look forward too. I just need to kick this... whatever this is... and I'll be feeling even better. For now, I'm just working from home and enjoying the rain.

Lastly, I've ordered another set of felt letters for Cooper. They are a take on the classic plastic letters you stick to the fridge. Pretty cute, in my opinion!

Women And Technology - Semi True

QOTD: Conan O'Brien

Speaking about the questions paramedics asked him following his accident - "They asked me what month it is and I didn't know what month it is... but it's Los Angeles! You never know what month it is. That's the other thing that I thought was unfair. It's like 'Well here's a clue, it's 110 degrees outside.' I don't know. Christmas?? Los Angeles is a freak show."

In regards to how hard he hit head "...for five seconds I actually understood the plot of Lost."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Someone Needs To Be Fired

Seattle Seahawks: 1-2

Seahawks fought. Their kicker did not. Hook one... ok... Hook two... come on man... IT'S YOUR ONLY JOB. Jim Mora got it right... "There' s no excuses for those. If you're a kicker in the National Football League, you should make those kicks. Bottom line. End of story. Period. No excuses. No wind. Doesn't matter. We're not going to fight our asses off and have the field goal kicker go out there and miss two field goals and lose the game. It's not going to happen."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Of Rest

This is a must. I've been feeling sick for 2 weeks. On Wednesday, I started to feel worse. I went back to the doctor today and found out that my lungs are heading towards pneumonia. It hurts to breathe... I'm just plain old sick. They've put me on a strong antibiotic called clarithromycin. Fun fact: this drug can cause false positives on urine tests for cocaine. Awesome.

So... all in all I'm feeling pretty crappy. I asked the doctor why this keeps happening... how can I prevent it being this bad... Basically, the answer is - avoid getting a cold at all costs. Great. I'll get right on that. I really just want to enjoy my first fall here. The weather has turned a bit chilly. Leaves are floating around... trees are changing color... they have pumpkins for sale at the grocery store. I love it.

Ian and I are going to take it easy this weekend. Football should be good on Sunday... Seattle vs. Chicago - New England vs. Atlanta.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Onyxia Wipe Video - NSFW

Here is a pretty Not Safe For Work video (bad language, crude drawing). Everyone who reads this knows Ian and I play WoW. This is a recording of a guild leader from the EU who is running an old Onyxia raid. I decided to post this as Blizzard as renewed the event because of WoW's 5 year anniversary. Yes, there really are guild leaders who act like this. Warcraft is serious bizness people. If you decide to watch this, hang in there until at least 2:38. It's the best part.

Some explanations:

  • DKP - Dragon Kill points. Basically points you can gain within a guild to get loot.
  • Orlando Bloom - I didn't get this one either... but apparently in the Pirate movies they call him a whelp at one point.
  • Whelp - Little baby dragon of death. Times a million.
  • DPS - Damage per second... a.k.a. do damage now.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hasslebeck Hates Being Healthy

Seattle Seahawks: 1-1

Fast forward about 48 seconds in to see Hasslebeck try to throw away our season. Head first dive at the goal line - which you had no chance of making - only to fracture a rib. Do you realize you're the quarterback? Loofa (Lofa Tatupu) was also injured. :(

Just Want To Breathe

I finally made it to the doctor to see what the heck is going on with my lungs. I'm to the point where I dread to cough. I have a severe pain when I cough in lower back next to my spine. I can't sleep or relax much because everything hurts. Ian has offered up his extra percocet multiple times just to shut me up. I wouldn't be surprised if I find it mixed in with my juice tonight.

So, remember that asthma that I don't have? Yeah, apparently it's out of control. I wish that technician could listen to my lungs now. My doctor said I may just have a chest cold but it's caused my asthma to blow up. I had to get a fancy aerochamber to help get the medicine to my lungs. I'm also stepping up my steroid use. Yay roid rage. I don't know why Ian makes me hit him. It hurts me more than it hurts him.

Just kidding. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

It is my mom's birthday today and I miss her like crazy! It's been really hard to be apart from her. I would love to be able to go over to her house on a whim. It was really nice to see her last week and I can't wait until she gets here for the wedding in January. I hate that I made her upset by moving to Canada but I want her to know... she is the best mom and I love her so much. Happy Birthday Ma!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Nephew - The Moving Walkway Surfer

Happy Birthday Erik!

Erik turns *insert old age here* today. Happy Birthday! Thank you for filling in the dad role that I've been missing. And especially thank you for making Mom happy. Most of the time. =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boo! Leroy Hill Out Until November

Very sad news... Seattle Seahawks Linebacker Leroy Hill will be out at least until week 8 with a groin injury. Boo.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not An Exact Date...

But that's ok... We Cheer 2 dated for release in November

Good Night In Sports

Last night was really good in sports...

Brady's back and Patriots win - The first half was pretty messy... to be honest most of the game was messy. But towards the end they switched to a mostly passing offense and went on to score 12 points in 76 seconds. Only in the second half did he look like the real Tom Brady... dropping back and confidently firing to his Wide Receivers and Tight End. This game was especially important because I have a very Patriots-heavy fantasy football team. I lost by 8 points only because the other team had frickin' Drew Brees. Everyone is awesome when they are playing the Lions.

Chargers beat the Raiders - Another important game because of fantasy football. Ian has Rivers and I have LT. Plus I don't like the Raiders.

Lincecum returned from injury and got a win - He's one of my favorite pitchers because of his style. He had been out because of, what one article called, a "balky back". They beat the Rockies last night 9-1.

Federer gets knocked out of the US Open - Plain and simple... I just don't like the guy. He was beat by someone I've never heard of which is even better.

I think that's it. I shouldn't have stayed up as late as Ian and I did... I honestly tried to go to bed... but I heard Ian screaming and slapping the coffee table so I had to see what was going on (Patriots had just recovered a Bills fumble with 2 minutes left and 5 points down). Thankfully we have concrete walls and our neighbors don't hear us. There was lots of screaming when Brady connected with Watson for the final touchdown. Hopefully tonight will be a peaceful night and we will get to bed on time.

Update: Son of a... I just looked on the Red Sox website to see if there was a game tonight. Dice-K is returning from injury and will be pitching against the Angels. Damnit!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Seattle Seahawks WIN!

Seattle Seahawks: 1-0

Yes, it was against the Rams but still. It's a win. They had a messy first quarter but I'm impressed with Curry and Carlson. Good stuff!

I Has A Cold

Pretty sure I'm sick. Ian wasn't feeling good yesterday either. For those that don't know.. I'm holding a Cold Microbe plushy. I have a small collection of microbes.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Seattle Seahawks are playing! (doing ok....) I got my jersey on! 12th Man in Canada!!

Cooper's Birthday And Other Stuff

Ian and I are enjoying a nice Sunday at home. Football is back. YAY. So we've got a long line of games to watch and a double-header for the Red Sox. Unfortunately, Ian has to work but he can sit out on the couch with me and work on his laptop.

We have decided that we never should have gone into work on Friday. We should have just stayed in Virginia longer and come back this weekend. Why? Well... mutiple reasons. Friday was pretty bad at work for both of us. We have jobs that actually really need us to be there. Ian has spent most of the weekend working. I worked a bit yesterday to catch up... It's hard for us to go on vacation and not have things blow up at work. The good news for me is that a person at work that wasn't very nice to me has decided to quit as predicted. The days leading up to her departure are going to be hard but I think in the long run it will be a good thing.

My Mom and Erik's trip up to see where I live went good. They met Ian's parents for the first time so that was interesting. Why Erik and Duncan brought shotguns to dinner I have no idea... but it ended peacefully. I'm still waiting on slacker Erik to give me pictures from the trip. When I get them I will certainly post again.

The wedding plans are going well. We are going to start looking for plane tickets soon - 2 for us out to Seattle and 1 for Amanda to come out here and take pretty pictures. I'm especially looking forward to her photoshop skillz. =P I have only a few more items to get/make/do. My sister has been gracious enough to be my PO Box since shipping to Canada can be difficult. We are about 4 months away... getting pretty close!

Other than that... life continues. I'm still plugging away at We Cheer before the sequel comes out. I'm stuck on a couple of the hard ones. Ian and I have just a FEW birthdays coming up:

  • September 17th - Erik
  • September 18th - Mom
  • September 23rd - Maureen (Ian's Mom)
  • October 4th - Drew (Ian's brother)
  • October 13th - MINE =D

The best birthday of all just passed. Cooper seemed to love the cake once he realized it was food!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Nephew - The 1 Year Old

Ian and I are back in town. In one piece, minus a few pieces of my car (long story). I will post a bunch of pictures and videos as they come in of his birthday. He was perfect... did the whole baby's first sugar thing. He is awesome.

Currently Not Blonde

Oregon Trail Meets NFL

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Carnival Duckies

In my recent search for rubber duckies, I came across this bunch. Don't ask.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

California Is On Fire Again

Elements On The Falls

This weekend we are going to meet my mom and Erik in Niagara Falls. I was looking for a picture of the restaurant that is right at the edge of the falls. I thought for sure I would have posted one because that's the one that Ian and I ate at right before he proposed. I guess with all of the excitement I didn't post the pictures the next day. Only a couple of the ring and the video of right before he proposed. But anyway, I haven't been able to find any good pictures online of it. It's beautiful though. Right at the very edge of the falls. We were lucky enough to get seated with a really good view. It has big windows looking out to the viewing area and the water. This picture shows it set up for a wedding but you get the idea.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wii Fit Plus News

The game will be released on October 4th and cost $20 (game only obviously). Below are some new screenshots...

Here is the new obstacle course.

I'm really confused by this one... Are you supposed to pick up your dog and weigh in together? Will Mom have to grab Murphy every time she wants to play Wii?

Some karate-like moves... Get your inner ninja on.

And lastly... the one thing I'm REALLY looking forward to... being able to create "routines". You can line up a bunch of exercises instead of having to stop and click a new one each time. Love it!