Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Srsly? LOL

One of the writers for needs to stop mixing up texting language with actual English.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Clean Dance Soreness

Ian can testify... I did the clean dance multiple times yesterday. He was busy with finishing up work for his last week of college (yay!). So I got some cleaning done... there's nothing like the smell of freshly washed sheets. But needless to say I'm a little sore this morning. The clean dance can really take it out of you.

If anyone missed the Men's 4x100m relay race last night,which I did because NBC sucks and LIES - how can an event be labeled as LIVE when I know that it happened 3 hours ago??? Anyway, I watched it this morning and it's just awesome. See it again at! Definitely worth watching a second time... simply amazing. Stupid French Team.

So, 3 days of work... 1 day of Medical Appointments and a different hair style... (maybe?)... then 1 day of travel... a baby shower... 1 more day of travel... and then IAN! YAY!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedding Cake - The Cake Box

The Cake Box - Downtown Kitchener (recommended by Langdon Hall)

Music - Tormusic - String Duo(?)

TorMusic Entertainment - Bridal Music Samples

Possible Music Selections:
  • Before Bride Enters: Resphigi Air
  • Bride Entrance: Wagner Bridal March
  • Signing: Handel Air
  • Recessional: Mendelssohn Wedding March

Possible Locations - Langdon Hall

The ceremony would be held in the Red Room Conservatory and the private dinner would be held in the Red Room itself. Below is a picture of Langdon Hall. The right side with the tall windows is the Red Room.

Here is a small picture of the Red Room (but set up for conferences). The room has a wood burning fireplace (I really like this).

Possible Locations - Waterloo Inn (Private Dining Room?)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Possible Locations - Jakobstettel Inn

Jakobstettel Inn - St. Jacobs, Ontario

Possible Locations - Three Bridges Banquet Hall

Three Bridges Banquet Hall

Possible Locations - Grist Mill - Waterloo Park

The Grist Mill is open year round and it contains 1 room.
If you would like to see the inside you can call Stan at (519) 725-0511.
Customers wishing more time to decorate before their event must book and pay for this time, in additional 90 minute blocks. Decorating the night before an event cannot be guaranteed. Customers can request early access the week of the event, and if there are no other bookings, we will accommodate their request. If customers wish to view the Grist Mill, they need to call Waterloo
Park and arrange for staff to meet them at the facility, weekdays
between 9am-3pm. Contact number is 725-0511. Rental groups are asked to pick up and return a facility key at Waterloo Park. There is a $20 deposit for the key.

One and one half hours will be allotted for weddings charged out at current rate $ 88.20 Payable by credit card at the time of booking DECORATING GUIDELINES: No (lit) candles, tape, nails, thumbtacks, staples or sticky tack to be used. Mini lights are allowed (can be draped or wrapped around the beams). Please note that the wooden drying trays displayed on the beams CANNOT be moved to accommodate the lights. Floral arrangements are permitted. Artifacts cannot be moved, stood upon or taken down from walls -should you want something moved please inform City Staff when the building is opened for you. Furniture cannot be moved, stood upon or displaced -should you want something moved please inform City Staff when the building is opened for you. No confetti, rice, rose petals or bubbles. Food and/or Beverages are not permitted. Maximum (75) chairs (Fire Code regulation) Be advised that there are no washroom facilities or water on this site (Portable washrooms can be rented and arranged at time of booking).

More Rise Against

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I See Dead Pixels

Unfortunately this is true. I think I have a dead pixel on my home monitor. It mocks me and everything I stand for.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Last Normal-ish Week

This past weekend was good. Slowly getting ready to head to Virginia for my sister's baby shower. Something odd happened on Saturday. As I was coming back from checking on the dogs at my mom's house, I pulled up to a 3 way stop and saw my dad. It was so strange... he looked right at me and if he recognized me he made no sign that he did. I can't really describe the feeling... it seemed almost as if I had floated up above myself and I was looking down on the situation. It was like someone else's life. How weird is it when your own dad, the person who helped create you... doesn't even recognize you?

Now, I'm not saying this in a 'bad' way. Trust me, I don't miss his presence. It has always been disruptive. I practically disowned him after the incident/voicemail at my sister's graduation. My mom's husband Erik has been more of a father to me than my dad ever was and he's only been around for my early 20s. I remember sitting at my dad's wedding to his new wife and listening to the wife's father give a speech. He said that now that they were married her kids could now call my father "Daddy". He also said this is now one big happy family. And yet... my sister and I were sitting in the audience not even mentioned. (Again, don't get me wrong... I wouldn't have wanted to stand up there to begin with...) Some people at the wedding didn't even know we existed much less that he was previously married. Just like the situation that occurred this weekend, I met it with odd indifference. As if to say... "hmm.. that's weird but whatever".

My dad's crazy sister yelled at me one time and said that I should want to have him in my life because he's my dad. Yeah... so? That doesn't entitle him to respect or a place in my life. He has done nothing but yell and be bitter towards me. When he seperated from my mom he didn't talk to me for a good six months. After that, I heard from him only when he was single. He created a lot of drama at my sister's graduation. I didn't need it. I was miserable... thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend who I moved to Florida to live with... jobless... broke. And after not talking to me since his wedding, he decides to use my sister's graduation as a place to talk (yell over voicemail) about his issues with me. I didn't really consider it a big deal. But following that incident I was more than happy not to have to talk to him again. I'm sure he is happy with his new family.

Anyway, Ian and I have been talking a lot lately about moving and plans for the future. Just looking at a map gets me excited. The last time I crossed the US it was for all the wrong reasons. It was poorly planned... rushed... and it crossed all the bad states of the US. This time... it's actually going to be fun. I will be with someone I truly love. We will take our time... see the sights... take a ton of pictures. If I'm up to it, I might even detail the roadtrip on here.

Finally, here is a picture of a flute playing Panda. Something everyone needs.

Friday, August 1, 2008


If I had a PS3... I think I would be interested to get this game. It has a lot of video game moves.. but it looks like it would be a ton of fun. I'm not sure who is presenting this demo... but it sounds like the developers or something. I laughed when they kept slapping each other. Hilarious.