Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Love Me Some Firefox

*pout* I just wish I could download it here at work. I don't think the service desk would like it so much if I downloaded a new browser to my computer... But I really like it. I'm definitely a convert. I especially like the option to save your tabs when you close the window. So awesome.

No Words... Just.. No Words...

...can describe this. I'm speechless. McCain Courts The Gamer Vote - Poorly

Thursday, June 19, 2008



Yeah... that's what you get when you open up Notepad instead of Calculator and just start entering numbers right away without looking up.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I'm Voting For Obama

This should really be titled... Why I'm NOT Voting For McCain. I'm going to start this series off with a funny little story about John McCain's environmentally unfriendly views. He thinks that it should be up to each state whether or not to drill off the coasts for oil. Not that an offshore oil platform isn't the first thing I want to see when I gaze out into the ocean... But he's basically stating that we need to feed our country's oil addiction. McCain comes from an age that doesn't learn well from the past. He needs to be more concerned about oil company lobbyists knocking on his front door and the fact that even if you do start working with them or even against them... maybe even get the gas prices down a buck or two... they still have our country by the balls. The solution is not to open up offshore drilling platforms to increase our supply of oil... or force OPEC to increase production that has been reduced to a drip... It's to encourage and promote the use of hybrids with 45+ mpgs, invest in new technologies that are not oil/gas based, and a whole slew of solutions that I am sure there is a lobby group out there trying to push their way into Washington.

Random Award Of The Day - Canada Edition

Fifth Severed Foot Found On Canadian Coast

The gruesome discoveries have garnered a lot of attention, Brooks said. But it may be some time before police determine why so many severed feet have been found.

Seriously, what the hell is happening in Vancouver? I like the paragraph where he says "Our first step is to establish identity." Pun so intended.

Can't... Stop... Listening...

I really love this song... It makes me like... bounce or something... Yes... BOUNCE! *continues tapping toes and ignoring the strange looks*

Entertainment Weekly's Chris Willman Review:

Throughout, allusions to love, death, ghosts, and God emerge — yet the overriding theme remains Martin's mostly endearing insecurity. Take the title track (now a single, pimped in an iTunes ad), on which he imagines himself as a paranoid monarch. ''Who would ever want to be king?'' Martin asks. ''Revolutionaries wait/For my head on a silver plate!'' The confident majesty of the music, however, belies how he and his bandmates have invigorated their rock-lite reign. Protestations aside, the singer can rest assured that it's still good to be the king. A-

Lament Of The Highborne

Ian and I did this quest last night. It's one of the prettiest things in the game. I like that they gave a certain level of detail to just plain old questing.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Glimpse

I just ran into someone that I used to work with more than a year ago. It's amazing to see what a difference almost 2 years came make. The guy works in the area that I first started out in. Turns out the department is going to be outsourced and everyone will be let go. I can't believe that I landed in the one area of the company that isn't being touched. We are hiring like crazy and yet some departments are outsourcing and laying off. If I had not landed this job, I would most likely still be a contractor... and even then I don't think I would currently have a position. My life has changed so much in the past two years. Ever since August of 2006 it has just been wonderful. Ups and downs included. I'm so grateful... kthxbye.


That's it! Just 2 more weeks until Ian arrives... then glorious vacation... YAY! Time to spiffy up the house and do some grocery shopping. YAY-ish! I was surfing this morning, trying to avoid the inevitable studying for MOS certification. I found some interesting items... Mostly from Kotaku.

I seriously want to play this photography game... In the 90s, I played this really basic game... Yosemite Journalist or something like that. You went to various "locations" and tried to capture certain animals on film. So elementary but yet so awesome.

Here is a really funny account of WoW Powerleveling. I don't know what the draw of this is... I've never considered it. I've only ever considered buying gold. But that was back in the day of hardcore raiding. I just couldn't keep up with the farming and the pots... I never went through with it though. I have some dignity. Lol.

Not sure if I should be concerned by this: Battery Packs Cause Wii Wheel Alignment Issues. I just got a charging station for the Wii Remotes... I haven't set it up yet, so I don't know if the new battery is bigger than normal. However, I highly doubt this will be the reason that I suck so much at Mario Kart.

Meanwhile in other news... A Letter of Ownage was sent to Katherine Heigl. She got all uppity after her initial Emmy win. Someone needed to put her in her place. She's lucky she has a job nowadays. I do agree that she has become just a TAD annoying on Grey's.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LOL - Onion News!

Sleepy Talk

As Ian and I were falling asleep last night, we decided to make up some rappers to go along with Flo Rida (Florida, to the non-gangsta types)... Some of the highlights were:
  • Missi Ssippi - Southern Female Rapper
  • Ore Gon - Don't mess with him, he'll get all liberal on yo' ass
  • Mont Ana - She'll shank you with a tree
  • Al Bama - White Rapper
  • Okla Homie - Famous for his version of the song "Where the Buffalos Roam"
Needless to say that we were pretty tired. It's okay... *pat* *pat*

Niagara Falls Clip

The following is a little clip from our trip to Niagara Falls. It's not that clear but you get the idea... big drop, lots of water, tons of mist. Can't wait to go back to see Niagara's Fury!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I Got A Bravo Award

For services rendered at GRAASM. $100 cold hard cash! (aka money I will never see because it's going straight to for a Wii Controller and various dvds).

Friday, June 6, 2008


This week... has just been too much. Too much GRAASM. Too many cultural differences. Too long. I need the weekend.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Movie Game

Ian and I played the movie game last night. You say a movie or actor/actress name and the other person has to think up either another movie or an actress or actor that starred in the movie... Basically, you have to connect it all. It went a little something like this:

Ian: Shawshank Redemption
Brittany: Uhh.. that guy...
Ian: Morgan Freedman?
Brittany: Yeah him!
Ian: Okay, Jim Carrey
Brittany: Jennifer Aniston
Ian: Friends...? ( typing in the background)

I'm totally beefing up on my movie knowledge now... Bring it~!