Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dwelling Decisions

Today we're going to look at the model homes for Losani. Hopefully we like what we see. Buying a new house is probably a bad choice for us. We hate making decisions... I personally second guess myself all the time. It's hard enough trying to pick a model much less than picking a lot and all of the upgrades to put in it.

The problem is that there are SO many choices for models. There are 11 32' lots and 16 40' lots. We've narrowed down... shuffled the papers and narrowed down again... We were originally looking at this modest house - The Juniper. But... we are so far from The Juniper now that I can't even imagine living in it. Here are our narrowed down choices:

It's really between the Cedarwood and the Willow... but I threw in the Carousel to satisfy Ian. He likes how weird it is.

My sister and her husband picked out the Willow. It has substantially grown on us. (And no Derek... we can't afford the Mulberry... why did you even put that on your list!?) My dream would be to have the Cedarwood be a 40' lot. Then no question... that is the one we buy. If you go here you can see the rest of the site... look at the different elevations for each house. For the Willow... Ian wants elevation A and I want B. Of course, B is more expensive. BOO.

I am going to put up a little poll on the side of this page. Feel free to vote for your favorite ones - you can choose 'other' if you find a different plan on the Doon Creek site that you like. Just leave me a comment on this post. If you are reading this on Facebook, click on View Original Post at the bottom to be taken to the actual site. Everyone's opinion is appreciated. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back From The V.A.

What is V.A.? Nope, not Virginia! It stands for Very Awesome. What is Very Awesome? My nephews of course! Cooper was great... Max was gooey and cool. Can't wait to go back and see them. Hopefully in July.. if not, then Cooper's 2nd birthday in September. We helped Kamber and Derek choose a small purchase... and they helped us choose a HUGE purchase (the house). I honestly can't wait until we can invite them up to visit our new house. Coop can't get into all kinds of trouble at our place! (Even Aunt Britt's house has a timeout place!!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Have Repeatedly Watched This

And it made me laugh repeatedly.

You Learn Something New Every Day

Today's lesson: There is an animal in this world called a "Tree Kangaroo". Just look at it... I never knew it existed but yet here it is... and it wants to eat my soul it's so cute. NOM NOM NOM NOM.

Canada's Memorial Day Weekend

So Canada decided to be "different" for whatever reason and have Memorial Day weekend early. Granted they call it "Victoria Day" weekend... whatever that is. Anyway, Ian and I get to use our Uncle and Aunt memberships and see these two little rascals.

Cooper's all like "Hey I'm a person..." and I'm like "Not cool Cooper. Not cool."

Can't wait to meet Max! Just look at him... "ahhh... my fist of POWER... HOW I SHALL USE THEE TO CONQUER! *insert evil baby laugh*"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maybe The London Olympics Won't Suck Afterall

I didn't have high hopes after seeing their logo... but here are the mascots! Wenlock and Mandenville. Yeah... don't ask. Little metal alien dudes. Kinda cute.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Quest For Sweet Vinegar

I miss sushi. I really miss Cho Cho San. I want a cucumber roll and a cup of sweet vinegar. That would make so happy! Tonight I decided to begin my quest for sweet vinegar. I've looked everywhere - for years - to find a bottle of "sweet vinegar". This is what the servers at Cho Cho San referred to it as. Not soy sauce... not ponzu... "sweet vinegar". Prior to moving to Canada, I must have thrown away half a dozen bottles of various vinegars that I wasn't going to finish. Nothing compared!

Today I had the epiphany... call Cho Cho San and ask! Duh! I basically said I had visited the restaurant on business.. I'm from Canada... I can't find anything like it up here... etc. What did they say? Well... at least it solves a big mystery - they make it in house. :(

I guess that's a better answer than... none of your business or... it's just called "sweet vinegar". I've done some searching and found a recipe for sushi sweet vinegar. Rice Vinegar just made it onto my grocery list for tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Ian!

To my wonderful husband... Happy Birthday... Welcome to your almost not quite mid 20s. =D

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom Is THE Best

No, really, THE best. She has no idea how great of a mom she really is.

I think it goes back to the old saying "The proof is in the pudding". The evidence of how great she is lies in the 2 girls that she has raised. Kamber grew up, went to college, paid her own way through it, got married and is now raising 2 gorgeous kids. I'm sure, in part, that she is raising them with the guidance of our mom. And Cooper is turning out to be a really well behaved, happy child (again... minus the almost terrible twos and the addition of a new baby brother!). I think it also speaks to how much strength my sister has that she can raise her kids away from my mom... Right now I can't even picture having children without my mom being a car ride away. I guess I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

In regards to me, not to toot my own horn (lol), but I have done pretty good for myself. I didn't go college (some....) but I started working instead and have worked my way up slowly through different positions. I never would have imagined that I could transfer within a great company to another location... get an even better job... and continue to progress as much as I have. I am now married, planning on buying a new house, and trying to focus on what matters - love, family and happiness. My mom raised me the "right way". I never would have done the things that I have done in the last few years... if my mom hadn't made me brave enough. I can do anything that makes me happy that I want to do.

As a family, we have gone through a lot together. Our family is small but that doesn't make the love any less. My dream would be to have all of us on the same coast one day. In the meantime, lots of plane trips and car rides! I wish I could be there for my mom more than I actually am. She deserves that. I don't know what the future holds for any of us. I wish that I could call her up on Mother's Day and shout "Breakfast???" like I did so many times at way too early in the morning. I miss her like crazy.

Mom, I love you... thank you for everything! I can't wait to see you in July!!

My Sister Is Awesome

I very clearly recall being in the backseat of Ian's parent's Jeep, on the way to the airport from a recent trip, getting a phone call that I was about to become an Aunt. Pretty crazy! I knew that she would eventually have kids... but it's very odd when it becomes a reality. (I must note that I still continually think of myself as a teenager... I'm too young to be an Aunt! Even with the idea of Ian and I buying a house... I'm too young to buy a house! Yeah... somewhere between high school and now I, kind of, grew up).

On September 9, 2008, I got a call from my mom saying "Well, you're an Aunt"! Of course, Cooper Jason Petty was born in dramatic fashion. He was "old man" cute at first.. but now he is just downright freaking adorable. Could you ask for a cuter ringbearer?

Just seeing the joy that Ian had when he got to play with him was awesome enough! (I'm not supposed to mention it but remember the Star Snack Incident?!?) So, thank you to my sister for making Ian and I an Aunt and Uncle.

Did she stop there? Oh no! She raised the bar and on April 10, 2010 (like a millisecond ago)... Kamber upgraded us to Aunt & Uncle 2.0 with the addition of Max Joseph Petty. I really can't wait to meet him in two weeks! Monkey Butt!!

In short... thank you for giving us two adorable nephews and adding to our family. I have no doubt that you will continue to be an awesome mother. I can tell just by Cooper's demeanor (minus the terrible almost two's part) that you are doing a great job. Heck, he hung out for how long in a suit at my wedding? What kids are willing to do that? I really hope you have a great Mother's Day! See you in two weeks!

My Mother-In-Law Is Awesome

Maureen has been very generous with first letting us (me) live in her basement for a month.. then helping us move... then giving me all of her recipes so that her son didn't miss her cooking TOO much. (He says he misses Cabbage dishes... Cabbage soup etc. Cabbage = YUCK. Not going to happen in my house. I'll leave it up to her!)

Thank you very much for helping us through the good times and the hard times. And also thank you for raising the wonderful son that you did. I hope you have a good Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coop Scoop - Get Down

Can't wait to see my nephews... but I REALLY can't wait to get down with Cooper. He's about to bust a move. Just watch: