Monday, October 30, 2006

Case of the Mondays

My office is currently dark for some reason but it's rather pleasant.  This weekend was relaxing.  Still unpacking - why is this taking me so long?  Well... a few reasons. 

  1. I have a lot of boxes and a lot of stuff.
  2. Every box I open smells like Kody and his apartment.  It makes me hesitant to open them. Memories come flooding back of my life a few months ago.  Who wants to go through that again?!?
  3. My obsession with having everything go into the townhouse neat and organized slows me down.  However, I think this is a good thing.

I did find some time to start uploading pictures that I used to have on here. (Also fixed the bug from the posts below with some help.)  If you look to the right ---> you will see the album list I have started.  The only trip I have up there is Boston from last year - only 10 pictures... I have lots more to go from that trip.  But it's one of my favorites.  My mom is giving me a cd with 251 pictures from the wedding on it.  Hopefully I will find a few good ones to put up here.  Until then.. take a look at the creepy graveyard! 

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