Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmas Is Approaching...*

Yes, it is.  You can't deny it!  Last night I went through my Christmas box to put it into a plastic storage bin.  I found my star cookie cutter-like tree topper... christmas rubber duckies... a JOY candle set... peppermint candy tealights... and my solid silver snowman stocking hanger (say that 5 times fast). 

While on the subject of Christmas I asked a friend of mine if he enjoyed the holiday.  He basically said yes but he added he doesn't really need or want anything this year - at least nothing that can be given as a gift.  When I asked him to elaborate he explained that he wants kids, a meaningful relationship, and a better social life, none of which can be given in gift form.  As I was falling asleep I kept thinking about what he said.  If you could really give those things as a gift... would you?  Would you put it on your wish list along with new socks?  If it were really that easy...   who would you give it to? 

On Saturday, my mom and I went an outdoor mall to get a pedicure and shop for various things.  I had to wait for her at one point so I sat down on the fountain in the middle of the courtyard.  Next to me was a mom and a little girl looking at the water.  The little girl (she was not more than 3 years old) said just "wish" and her mom replied "I don't have any pennies."  I pulled out a couple pennies and gave it to the mom for the little girl to throw into the fountain.  It made her so happy.  She tossed them in with this huge smile on her face.  As she toddled away.. in that precarious almost going to fall or tip over 3 year old walk.. I was wondering what I would wish more.. if I was that mom or that 3 year old.  You're so innocent at 3 but the mom role and responsibility would be so wonderful.  In the end I think I decided on being the mom.  Hopefully someday...

Back to the whole Christmas thing... my answers for that.. If it were possible to give things like that as a gift, I probably would.  I love to give and make people happy.  Who would I give it to?  The first person would probably be the guy I was talking to about it all.  He is geniunely a nice guy, funny and intelligent.  After that a couple people who are very close to me.  I would just love to see them happy and content.  Would I ask for it?  Yeah... maybe just to speed things up a bit.  If only it were that simple.  

*Disclaimer:  The person I talk about in this post is not a boyfriend, someone I am dating, someone I am seeing... etc etc.  He is in fact what I call him.  A friend. 

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