Monday, November 27, 2006

If I Could Be Any Animal I Would Be A...

...Sugar Gilder!

Over the weekend I got into a discussion with my 5 year old neighbor.  He was convinced that if he were a llama life would be "soooo" cool.  Why he felt this way I never got out of him... But I thought it was amusing so I am going to play along and act like a 5 year old.  I would want to be a sugar glider.  They are native to Australia but can now be found in many places as people sometimes keep them as pets.  Sugar gliders are basically flying squirrels but much more cute. 

While I am extremely afraid of heights, I have a feeling I wouldn't mind it so much if I flaps like these.  Jumping from branch to branch and then springing out into another tree.  May take some practice... but I could pull it off. 

Who wouldn't love a face like that..??  Sugar gliders eat mainly sap, nectar, fruits and veggies.  Occasionally..... they... eat bugs... mealworms... grubs...... but that's ok!  Maybe I could be a vegetarian sugar glider?

Oh and they are nocturnal.  I could enjoy the night life...  Plus I would have a nice bushy tail... who wouldn't want one of those??  I bet there is one guy who would love to keep me as a pet.....

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