Monday, November 6, 2006

"Team Jec lost to Team Rogue"

I was told this weekend by my friends, Kirk and Ian that I was "slacking" on my entries.  To this I say "Shut the hell up I am sick."  I was pretty much sick all weekend... thought I was better on Sunday but the night ended and I was still feeling awful.  Went to the doctor last week, received not good news.. blah blah blah.  Life goes on. 

Today has started out not so good.  A contractor that I set up and had hired passed away suddenly over the weekend.  Now I have to go through the process of removing him from the system.  How very sad.  Work is really busy as my boss was out sick on Friday as well.  No one got the message I was out so I had a million voicemails and emails. 

On the brighter side... I AM FINALLY MOVED IN! I moved in to the new place on October 1st and was still going through boxes this weekend.  I got down to my last box, which by the way was filled with Christmas stuff, and realized I was finished.  Stuff is put away, rooms are clean and tidy so I am happy.  I am looking into buying a really nice digital camera.  I have this urge to go on another trip somewhere and I want to be prepared.  Any tips on what I should buy are welcome.  I am thinking about either returning to see Boston again or Seattle.  I don't think I will take anyone else on the trip... I just feel like being alone.  Is that odd?  Wanting to go on a vacation from everyone?  Anyway, must return to work...

I apologize for my grammar - I am not paying attention. 

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