Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What I Am Thankful For... (A Boring List)

  1. Family, friends and all that jazz.
  2. Puppies, kittens and toddlers.  (You know you like em')
  3. The time just before I fall asleep when the breeze comes through the window and I am safe and warm under the covers.
  4. Country Apple Handsoap from Bath and Body Works.
  5. Enjoying the game again and passing the 100 gold mark on one of my WoW characters.  (Trust me.. this is a big deal... girl likes to shop)
  6. Butterflies in my stomach at someone's words. 
  7. Being able to be myself around my friends with all my sarcastic humor goodness. 
  8. Cold, overcast days with a hint of rain on the way. (Don't get many in California... but one can hope.)
  9. Safety and security coupled with freedom and responsibility.
  10. And last but not least............ I am most thankful for my decision to move to Florida.  HA! Wasn't expecting that were you?  Why is this one the best?  If I didn't move to Florida I wouldn't have left my job here in California.  I wouldn't have realized that I can make decisions and handle them on my own.  Even though I was with someone I was very much alone.  If I hadn't moved to Florida I never would have realized that I deserve better, much better, than the person I was with.  I thank him though for being the person he was.  He opened my eyes to the world outside of my own and I am forever grateful that he did.  I wouldn't have found out exactly what I want and more importantly what I don't want in a man and in a relationship.  I wouldn't have realized that I was settling for someone else.  That I am not going to conform to someone else's personality when I am extremely unhappy doing so.  I am also grateful that I admitted defeat and moved back home.  I found out who I really am... or at least who I want to be.  I am a work in progress. 

Happy Thanksgiving...

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