Friday, December 1, 2006

Christmas Wish List

I am very tired and seem to be sick this morning.  Just finishing up a couple things at work and then I should be heading home or to the doctor.  Thankfully it's Friday and I've got a few days to rest. 

As it is now December 1st... what I consider the start of the holiday season... Here is my Christmas Wish List..  Santa if you're reading this.. I don't deserve any of it.  Coal will be fine.

  1. Canon Powershot 6.0-Megapixel S3 IS Digital Camera - I have mentioned this before... It's number one on my list but I think I am just going to buy it for myself.
  2. Anything that includes Rubber Duckies: Bathing Beauty Spa Kit or Polar Fleece Ruffle Side PJ Pants in Ducks with White Trim - I like only certain kinds of Rubber Duckies... I am very picky. 
  3. Rainstick - Give me rainy weather... I'll do anything.. just.. please.  Give me clouds, rain, and cold.  I need it! What is a rainstick? Click here.  
  4. All Expenses Paid Trip to Boston - Yeah.. I know.. I am just dreaming...
  5. Stemless Red Wine Glasses or Williams All-Purpose Balloon Wineglasses - I have tons of martini glasses but only a couple glasses for wine.  I don't drink that much but every once and awhile I will have a glass of red wine. 
  6. Anything from  USB Mini Desktop Aquarium or Aggro Tee or The Goldfarmer Tee - Okay so I am a bit of a geek.  Granted I don't know A LOT about WoW... and I've never seen the Star Wars movies... I am still a geek.  A geek that is very girly and dresses really nice.  Most of the time.

Interestingly enough... I've already done my shopping for everyone... Just have to wrap everything in brown postal paper and tie them up with fabric ribbon!  Let the holiday season begin!

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