Friday, December 22, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

This will most likely be one of my last posts before the New Year.  So what better way than to list things I should be doing all along but don't until now. Enjoy!

  1. Get a haircut but nothing more than an inch. (Hey! Gotta start out small!)
  2. Thoroughly clean out my car - while not messy.. it is not spotless.
  3. Explore my new neighborhood more.  I still don't know what is up the hill after I turn left to go to my house.
  4. Let go of this past year.  I think I have already done this one but just to make sure.
  5. Take a vacation that does not include visiting people.  I usually do this but this year I have not. 
  6. Get started on finishing my degree... Class starts on January 9th... so I am looking good for this one.
  7. I just signed my townhouse agreement for 1 year.  I think it's time that I get a little more settled in to the place.  More pictures on the walls, etc.
  8. Trust people just a little bit more... while being cautious with my heart.  (Finish out with almost the impossible.)

Hmm... Eight.... that looks good enough.  Anyway... one last thing to make you laugh... My favorite part is where they are standing, facing each other making the boxes bounce.  LOL!  Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year! 

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