Thursday, January 18, 2007

Daily News

As I am tired and waiting for someone to return... I give you... the Daily News.  I believe that these news stories are better reading than whatever I might have to say in my daily dribble.  Read. Enjoy. Learn. Laugh.  (Oh, and please check our the tooltips when you scroll over the links... I put a lot of work into this.. hmm. No I didn't.)

First up... Canada has forced me to give it even more respect.

Must be something in the water that makes Michael Vick play crappy.  Or maybe I just don't like him. 

Very interesting news article about the latest development in stem cell research.  If this is true, maybe we can go forward with the research instead of waiting on the conservative right wing crazies to get their act together. 

And, certainly more important than technology that could save lives, Victoria Beckham sees the light of day and says "NO!" to the cult.  I will await the spaceship to land on Earth and kidnap them to some far off planet.

Lastly, I wish I had a need for Gatorade Post-Coital. 

In the past 4 days, I have slept a combined 12 hours.  This may seem like a lot but considering I normally get about 24 hours in 4 days... well you do the math.  Actually, I will do it for you... I have only gotten half of what I normally get.  Now why is this?  A number of factors... school, work, and a mind full of thoughts.  Oh, and the wind.  I blame the wind. 

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