Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Sleepy Giggles - Clips & Music

It's Friday, Payday and the beginning of a 3-day weekend.  I woke up and got into the shower... so tired.. sleepy.. I leaned against the wall just let the hot water fall down my shoulders and back.. I almost fell asleep.  Even now just thinking about it I want to doze.... I bought my Burning Crusade copy this morning but it remains to be seen if I will get to pick it up from the store on release day.  Work is steadily busy and I'm decently distracted.  So I will get on with the good stuff.  Here is my standard Family Guy clip. 

Here is the opening to one of my favorite Disney movies.. Lilo & Stitch.

Now I have no idea why I like this song... It is super trendy and popular... But I first heard it when it wasn't on the radio yet in an episode of Grey's Anatomy.  The song is set to the movie Final Fantasy - Advent Children which I adore.  It's my very small Japanese side coming out.  I love Cloud.  I have never found animated characters to be "attractive" or "sexy".  But damn, Cloud is certainly an exception.  Maybe it's the hair........ I don't know.  I'll shut up now.  Watch.

This final song is for my friend Ian.  I hadn't listened to The Receiving End of Sirens in almost a year.  Love the song.. the guy running though... wow.... =) Have a good weekend... I'll be back on Tuesday!

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