Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Observations From Yesterday

Last night I started my class that I am taking to finish my degree.  A few things were really interesting about the night... I looked forward to going.  It is going to be excrutiatingly easy for me to pass it.  Now Biological Anthropology is not the most exciting subject.  Lots of theories, molecular science, creationism vs. fundamentalism vs. evolution... etc.  I thought with working all day and then going to class that I would have trouble staying awake or paying attention.  I had neither problem BUT I did try distract myself.  I was trying to think about something that someone had said to me the night before.  This something.. I really wanted to think about.. It had been running through my mind all day... I tried so hard to concentrate on that something (8 words to be way too exact) but I found it to be difficult to focus on anything but the professor.  Maybe this is a sign that I have grown up and increased my attention spawn.  I don't know... but to sum it up... I think I am going to look forward to the late nights. 

Tomorrow I have an interview for a different position... I won't get started on that again because I am still down about losing that postion.  I am also bringing in a candidate for my boss to hire for one of his open positions.  This means walking him around the campus in heels.  Wonderful.. another ><

Friday will be good... should be... hopefully...

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