Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chris... Can I Borrow Your Wheelchair?

Brittany + No Sleep + Heels + Slippery Sidewalk = Skinned palm x 2 + Bloody & Swollen Lower Leg + Extreme Soreness


Yeah, that's right.  I am a gimp.  Well, if I wasn't before... I certainly am now.  I was running (actually, I was walking...) to a very early morning meeting yesterday and the sidewalk was a tad slippery from rain the night before.  I am not sure what exactly happened... but the next thing I know... me and my bags are on the ground.  Thank god no one saw me... skirt askew... ankle strap of my heel torn.. bloody knee... bloody palms... and the meeting was in a half hour.  I picked up my bags almost crying because I was in so much pain... I limped my way to the conference room and attempted to clean myself up while I set the room in order.  Needless to say my leg from the top of my knee to my ankle proceeded to swell up 3 times my other one and I ended up working from home.  What a damn day...

Anyway... I pray that my day goes a bit better than yesterday.  Dior's 2007 Wearable Collection was presented in Paris yesterday.  I went the simple route with picking this dress as my favorite (minus the Koosh Ball stuck to her head...)Also, proof that my style is coming back... I started carrying clutch purses a couple years before they came back... last year I started carrying a 'pocketbook' style purse and what do you know..? It pops up in Dior's collection.  I. Am. Awesome.  Ha~ Just kidding. 


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