Tuesday, February 6, 2007

So Happy I Could Cry

I am currently in my new position.  I had a one on one meeting with my new boss.  It really couldn't have gone better... he is completely down to earth and someone I am sure I will come to love working for.  He was just plain and simple.. do whatever you like.. just keep me in the loop.  So far so good.  I can't believe my luck as of late.  I was walking into work and I just couldn't believe I was going up to the 4th floor of the main building at Amgen.  The CEO of the company is on 5th floor. 

I just can't express enough how great this company is.  Forbes Magazine named Amgen it's Company of the Year for 2004 and labeled them a Biotech Behemoth.  Their mission is to serve patients... but they treat their employees so well.  Most here are not stuck up on themselves... like my new boss is wearing jeans and has one of the most important meetings of his entire job today.  Anyway, enough gushing about Amgen.  I am getting settled in and savoring the few days of quiet until I start taking on more. 

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