Monday, February 26, 2007


A person close to me said today that to compare the person I was 6 months ago and the person I am now... I have changed dramatically.  I am stronger and welcome challenges.  I stick up for myself more than I ever did.  What this change is... I am not sure... I hope it's a good thing.  I still have my moments of being weak... I am extremely afraid that I will fail at this new job.  But I am certainly more prepared... at the very least, I know what I want.  This weekend is filled with studying.  I am looking for quiet.. so hopefully I can find some.  Anyway... enough babbling.. on to the good stuff...

My token Family Guy Clip.  I hate dislike Tom Brady.

Gotta love mainstream media. 

My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words (Not my favorite song by them... but.. meh..)

And finally... I show a lot of the new(er) music that I like... Here is something old.  Seeing as Led Zeppelin was "before" the YouTube time.. (I know.. crazy... but it's possible)...  This is set to clips of Aragorn and Arwen...?  I've only watched a couple of the movies... Still it's pretty and the song is wonderful.  I am off for the weekend.   

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