Tuesday, March 6, 2007

About To Break

As I am discovering the new depths of what I am able to handle... I can't help but feel that I am just about ready to crack.  Something has to give... something has to slip and fall (oh wait I already did that)...... We are now waiting for my mom's husband's test results to come back.  They think that the cancer he had at age 19 is back.  The weekend was just so bad... and this week is shaping up to not be so good.  I am so unbelievably busy at work.  I have to actual schedule my lunches but yet even then I don't take them. 

I feel like something is missing.  Something is not being done... I have missed doing something I should have... Something is due or needed... and I'm past the deadline.  I have been through it all.. bills, school stuff, work (as best I could), tax things... I can't... seem to put my finger on it.  Is it because I am just so busy that I feel this way?  I'm not sure.  More than likely I have just neglected someone and they are probably stabbing a voodoo doll of my likeness. 

As much as I wish I could sit here for another few minutes and debate it by typing... I have to go straighten my hair and head to work.  More John Mayer funny facial expressions. 

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