Thursday, March 29, 2007

Before There Were Sugar Gliders... favorite animal was the Sloth.  Here is just one example of why...

So, my job has been stressing me out to no end.  Mainly because of one guy.  This guy is a silver spoon kind of guy.  Everyone is beneath him and most tasks are beneath him.  About a week ago we had a minor confrontation that left me just.. shaking.. but it was resolved in my favor and we moved on.  My boss left for Vienna and of course Mr. Silver Spoon decided to test me again and make another issue.  This time, to his face, I said flat out no.  You can't do this, it isn't right. I have the backing of so many people you have NO idea.  It pissed him off and he left my office.  I sent him an email once again explaining my position.  His response was that's fine I am going to take it up with the VP.  Fine. FINE.  You want to go and question his decision to his face.. by all means do that.. but be prepared to make your own boss quite upset and probably embarrass the hell out of yourself.  That was Monday... It is now Thursday and he is once again testing me and what I will do for him.  He doesn't get it through his head that what he is asking me to do is a task specifically given to him by the VP.  My boss backs me.  My counterparts back me.  But I HATE confrontation.  I am one of those... go with the flow (for the most part..) kind of girls... If I have a firm opinion on something it's usually something I care deeply about.  This issue... shouldn't be an issue.  It's not that I don't want to do what he is asking me... It's that I can't do it.  The VP specifically said I am not do something.  The terminology is so advanced that if I get something wrong - it's a big deal.  Anyway, I don't like confrontation.  It makes me shake and want to throw up.  I get along with everyone... but yet this guy is making my job so much harder than it has to be.  Ass. 


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