Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Newbury Park, CA


On March 13, 2007
Local Time 11:01am

Current Temperature: 77°F or 25°C
Low Temperature:  52°F or 11°C
Humidity 22%
Pressure 1018.3 mb
Wind Direction SE
Wind Speed 11.3 km/h

Yes... I am officially a Brittsicle and yet... It's almost 80 here!  I am literally curled up in my office chair trying to keep warm.  I am one step away from lighting a ream of paper on fire for warmth.  What the hell...  Anyway, not as bad of a day as normal... Because of the big meetings, my normal early morning meeting was canceled.  I still have class tonight but it should be fine.  Other than that... ZOO TRIP!  Thursday.  Yay. 

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