Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Brain = Fried

So I completed my exam last night.  I think I got at least a B on it.  There were only a couple questions I wasn't sure about.  Today I get to pick out my classes for the summer and fall.  I have been really questioning what I want to do.  If I want to take off the summer and just go back in the fall or if I should take something easy to continue on.  It's a hard choice...  It would be nice to finish. 

Work should be really light today.  My team is very busy and one of our most important guys is very sick.  Luckily though.. no meetings today.

It's yet another sunny beautiful day outside. *insert sad face here*  California hates me.  Isn't there some saying.. "April showers bring May flowers" or some crap like that...?  Why doesn't that happen here??? Alright... here are a few clips of my current favorite comedy... The Office.  Enjoy.

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