Tuesday, April 3, 2007



I am in this sleepy happy mood today... Which is funny because I got a little teary eyed in a meeting this morning.  Someone said Baby and then someone else said Worm.. (don't ask why..) and Baby Worm was the name of one of Kody's cats.  Baby Worm had a whole different personality than most cats.... she loved attention... she loved DEMANDING that attention... She had extremely long legs and a long tail... Kody would work late nights and she would keep me company.. curled up in my lap or next to the computer... She was perfectly content with being loved and snuggling up to you.  In the days leading up to me leaving him... I cried quite frequently not because I was leaving Kody but because I was going to miss Baby Worm so much.  I still do... such an awesome cat.  But... meh... My life is completely different from what it used to be... even before I left for Florida.  I am so very grateful. 

Anyway, not too much going on... steadily busy with plenty of time to finish things.  I am going to a birthday dinner tonight... and then home for some alone time. YAY! 

Good Music - Good Movie... Enjoy~

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