Friday, May 4, 2007

Frack Me - A Musical Post

It's Friday, payday and I don't have to study that much this weekend.  All in all it's a good day.  Tonight should be good... new episode of The Office is out... and I don't have much to do.. which is very nice.  I am being bad and skipping out on a meeting.... shhh... don't tell anyone!  I just REALLY don't want to go... it's a bunch of woman who are all "yay us" and it drives me crazy.  Something I don't need and/or want on a Friday. 

Anyway... anyone who doesn't love the Bee Gees can stop reading this right now and never come back.

I found this when I was looking for the video above.  It's a mix of the once semi-attractive (yeah shut up.) Brittany Spears, Shakira and the Bee Gees.  Whatever.  I like it.

And lastly... Bullets For My Valentine... a song I thought was new... is actually really old.  Me ftl.

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