Monday, May 21, 2007

What We Know So Far...

This is the list of existing coincidences:

  • We both want to have a daughter named Emma.
  • The time Brittany spotted the ad for "Daily Find: Ian" on a website. The website was a news site for a Seattle newspaper.
  • We both got the same score on an online IQ test, as well as getting the same questions wrong with the same wrong answers.
  • Emerald is the birthstone for Ian and the nickname for Seattle is the "Emerald City".
  • We both happened to be under the weather and unable to go out on New Years Night and were forced to spend it alone together.
  • Received a zebra mask from my aunt for my birthday after all of our "zebraloudsounds" joking.
  • Both of us loved our very first open conversation so much that we saved it in Notepad.
  • The type of watch that Brittany wanted for a very long time is from Fossil and the model is "Emma".
  • Both of us both randomly were overcome by lightheadedness out of nowhere
  • We both happened to bite our tongues rather badly on the same day in the exact same spot
  • We both loved to watch Ghostwriter as kids.. well me being moreso of a kid since Brittany is SO old =P

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