Friday, June 1, 2007

*Friday/Month of June Dance In A Wheelchair*

So, me and my bruised tail made it to Friday.  Hopefully I won't have to move much this weekend and it can continue to heal.  I discovered it's really hard to place an ice pack on your butt and then sit still long enough for it to turn your tailbone into an icicle.  Such a wonderful injury. 

MOST NON-SURPRISING NEWS EVER!!!! --> Satan and Satan's Handler want to keep vistor logs secret so they can continue in secret with their plans of destroying the world before the 2008 election.  I can just imagine the names on those logs even when they weren't secret!  However, I doubt people sign their real names... like "Big Oil", "Corporate America", and "al-Qaeda". 

Well, I must get working... Have a great weekend.  Oh and Happy June!

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