Thursday, August 23, 2007

This Is Ridiculous

Widowed by WOW

Oh come on! Okay, okay... I get that WoW is addicting. I play myself. Probably an above average amount. But come on! At what point does real life start taking place. You choose the artificial life over the real thing??? Don't get me wrong... I went willing into a relationship where a guy played almost 24/7 and I was punished for it when I had uprooted my life for the guy and landed in Craplando. But seriously... You marry a guy and then he is willing to disappear into a video game so often that you feel like he is absent from your life??? GET OUT. Get out like yesterday. I game.. But it doesn't define me. I am with someone who games with me... But it isn't about WoW. It's about being together. I am sorry but if you choose someone who likes to disappear quite often into a game rather than spend time with you or the kids... You're an idiot and you deserve what you get. And if you're the addict... you're pathetic.

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