Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Music & Stuff From The Weekend

The entire awesomest of awesome weekends was filled with music... whether in my head... or played in the car... I still can't believe how good it was... and to stop myself breaking down hysterically crying... I am listening to music. Here are some things from this weekend... I want to replay EVERYTHING over and over in my head... Some pictures will come probably this weekend -- I don't think at this point I can handle looking at them.

I'm accidentally in love and extremely happy about it.

Thirteen Senses - "Into the Fire"

It was definitely a Pirate's Life for me on Saturday evening... Rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and then had dinner inside the ride at the Blue Bayou restaurant.

I was so comfortable... almost completely comfortable... that has never happened to me before.

Drowning in my sleep... I'm drowning in my sleep...

Superbad was surprisingly an awesome movie... I like McLovin but I love McIan.

"Cause I still love to wash in your old bathwater... Love to think that you couldn't love another... I can't help it... you're my kind of man."

Nat King Cole - "LOVE"

Geez... could there be a more memorable ride at Disneyland...? I mean I remember the beginning of it... but the rest... kind of a blur...

"Give me gravity, give me clarity, give me something to rely on..."

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