Monday, January 28, 2008


I'm going to dive right into it. I joked about the emo thing. But he decided to get mean and try to insult me. So, I consider it time to not pull any punches. I was genuinely sad when I began to see the extent that he has changed. But now he's just pathetic. In the absence of having his own personality, he morphs into someone else. When I first met him, he was just like Kirk... the All-American guy... really opinionated.. conservative... actually had a back bone, etc. Then he turned into someone he thought that I would want... and failed miserably. And now he has a new set of friends that are emo and useless. He even cut his hair like Ian's and then tried to mock him. Before I was just sad... now I pity him. He feels the need to insult other people to make himself feel better about his own existence. I was nice... I tried to show that I wanted to be his friend... joke around... I tried to make him feel comfortable and get back to having fun again. But he has changed so much that... Chris isn't there anymore. The true Chris... the one that hated parties and bar hopping... loved staying home and dreamed of building a train set when he was older. I honestly believe that part of the guy I got to know... is the true Chris. I would have hoped that he wouldn't be this hypocritical but I am definitely mistaken.

And while the above will probably just anger him if he happens to read it... I am free of any sad emotions I had towards him. I am happy that I chose not to continue whatever it is we had... and now I am in the best relationship of my life. I can just pity him from a distance... and know that when he is confronted with the truth about his absent personality... he will use his sad insults. Eh... whatever makes him sleep at night.

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