Monday, December 3, 2007

December Is Here!

This month just kind of creeped up on me! I really wish I lived some where that didn't have the sucky weather California has. Give me snow. Give me rain. Give me sweaters and scarves... I would give anything to live in a place that had seasonal weather. It is soooo depressing have the same thing every day... 60 - 70 degrees with little if any clouds in the sky. I would give up anything, except for Ian, to be able to live some where cold. I am not my happiest when there are days like this. Sunny, calm, perfect. Perfectly awful. I would be much more grateful of the sunny days if I could count on having a few months of cold and cloudy ones. Anyway, Ian comes back in 23 days. Must gather presents and plan our days... 10 Blissful Days with Ian... /starts praying for rain.

And a snowy bunneh...

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