Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The past few days I haven't been able to post... I have just been flooded with stuff from Family Emergencies to "Meeties" to finishing up things at work. I've been busy. I have decided that now is the time to post my final thoughts before the end of the year. The rest of this week is going to be lots of work. Then it's Christmas and two days after that Ian is here. We are most likely going to be busy, so I just don't see myself posting at all before 2008.

My overall thoughts about this year are *insert instrumental music here*... It was a really good year. I lost some friends a long the way. I gained the greatest boyfriend I've ever had. Our relationship has been tested and we pulled through. I had the best birthday I've ever had in my entire life and I doubt that I will ever top it... but if I stay with Ian I am sure he will make each one better. I proved that I could go back to school and do better than I did in the past. I landed a permanent job at a very good company and enjoy the perks of said job. I bought a Rocking Fluffy Rubber Ducky with Ian. I learned from 2006 and remind myself daily of it. And lastly, I know how lucky I am... even if I have the worst day... it's tremendously better than any day in my past.

For 2008... I know that my relationship with Ian will continue to be tested because the distance is horrible... and if we get into an argument... we can't see each other's face and enjoy the benefits of affection... but I hope that we will continue to remind each other that... many coincidences and signs brought us together and what we have is worth it all. I hope that the situation at my work gets better. We develop medicines that help people through deadly diseases. It is not all about making money. The benefit outweighs the risk. People need to be reminded of that. I hope that I am able to become comfortable once again in my skin. Lately... I feel uncomfortable 99% of the time... I am sure that doesn't make me the happiest person to be around... but I hope to work through it. Ian helps me with it.

And there it is... my thoughts about the past and my hopes for the future. *end instrumental music*

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Have a wonderful New Year. I know I will.

And here's something to tap your toes to... I'll be back in 2008!

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