Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Political Post

Ian has banned me from having polictics in our house... and rightly so... They make me angry. Bush spouted off ideas last night in his State of the Union address... that are so far from what I would personally want... I think that a lot of Americans would agree. His ideas and silly demands during the address were like a petulant child who isn't getting what he wants. He has no idea what most people in this country want and why should he? He has a psychotic war mongering terrorist as his vice president and handfuls of cash being stuffed into his pocket every day. He doesn't need to know what the country wants. He has raped us enough to last him a lifetime.

I am still undecided as to who I am going to vote for. All I know is that what we currently have in place isn't working. If someone like Huckabee is elected I will head straight for Canada, as soon as possible. So far, what I have seen from Obama... he hasn't said his views as much. I am going to post a video below where he actually does detail his plans. I definitely don't agree with his view on unemployment. I think unemployment is helpful but it also allows a person to stay stagnant. Extending unemployment benefits would only enable that further. I don't agree with him wanting to accept lobbyists as a part of the system instead of a problem. They are a problem. Especially when oil and tobacco companies are one of the loudest voices. It is nice however to hear Obama's views. Whenever I catch a video clip or read news on him.... he recites what we already know; we need change, we need something different in Washington and we need to come together as a country and not divide amongst party lines.

I am sad to say Hillary Clinton has had some pretty convincing commercials airing lately. She actually details what she would do as president. The problem is... I think if you stuffed a dollar in her face she could be bought. I think she wants to change the course of some issues... but she seems to be happy with the current system. I don't like the role her husband is playing in her campaign... Most potential first wives remain sweet and quiet (most!)... which I think is what he should be doing. Instead, he is playing up his presidency as a reason Hillary should be president. I don't agree that just because she would be the first woman or Obama would be the first black president that we should vote for them. I don't see Hillary as a strong president. It's not because she showed her weak side... I think she has always been weak. I see her being easily bought. Obama... not so much. He comes off as intelligent. Hillary comes off as being knowledgable about what people tell her. (Random example... When she tried to twist Obama's comments on Reagan. I am sure that someone probably told her what he said and either the person or Hillary twisted it. He said that Reagan was able to bring the two sides together as a president, which is for the most part true. He never agreed with any of his policies. It just made her look completely foolish in the debate. This makes me think it could happen again in her presidency with much greater consequences.) Needless to say, I am still undecided.

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