Tuesday, October 2, 2007

High School Memories

I just randomly stumbled onto this video. This is the field show from 1998 that I did at Thousand Oaks High School. It was my junior year and it was one of the best shows. I guess, it's just crazy to see something that was a HUGE part of my life. We practiced every afternoon until late... summers were spent mostly training for the fall field season... every weekend was a competition or a practice... for 3 years I lived, slept and breathed guard. Sometimes it was hell... but it was rewarding to see how impressive we were... Other groups would perform and then run around the stadium and stand to watch us perform because we were that good. We would usually go last because it would give the other groups a chance to see us. During those times, I was pretty much responsible for getting to practice and knowing my stuff and it taught me a lot. I was always running somewhere... Fridays spent performing at football halftime shows, Saturdays and Sundays at competitions. And tucked into all of that I had homework (at least I tried to do homework) and my junior year I had a part time job as well. Anyway, it's 10 minutes long and for me it was my whole life at one point. Ahhh, the days of high school.

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