Thursday, October 18, 2007

Withdrawal Symptoms 101

Depressed Mood? Check.
Lethargic and Listless? Check.
Weak Heart and Difficulty Breathing? Check.

Well... looks like I am going through withdrawal once again. It is so hard to remain positive the first few days after parting ways with Ian. I miss him so completely that it is all I can think about. I should be thinking about the near future... his visit for Thanksgiving and New Years... but all I can concentrate on is what I am actively missing so much. Everything seems so pointless... Even work seems unimportant which is crazy because I have been out for a week and I'm swamped. I hope this passes soon because I bet I am not a ball of joy to be around.

I guess it's just this issue where I float so much when I'm around him and then I'm forced to come back down. DO NOT WANT (I Can Has Cheezburger Reference).

Yes, he's my heroin. I should just focus on the long road ahead... because it's so worth it.

Oh and I must remember that if I ever need a laugh... I should just watch more... HUMAN TETRIS!!!!!

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