Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blizzard Hates Everyone BUT Druids & Horde

Very little makes me truly upset in WoW. I get pissed here and there... I don't like being camped just like everyone else... But give me a flying f-ing break. Blizzard has no concept of just how overpowered Druids can be. Yes, the geekness is shining through but this is just beyond comprehension:

Scare Beast Change Reverted

That is correct, the 30 yard range will remain. It is only the the instant cast change that was reverted back to a 1.5 second cast time, because it was felt that it was too strong against Feral Druids. The tool tip still says that it is an instant cast though, but please note that this is not correct and will be fixed in a future patch. We realize that some of you may be disappointed that you weren't getting the buff to the ability that you anticipated, but please keep in mind that it's certainly not a nerf. The instant cast change was simply too strong, and as a result, it was reverted back to its original cast time of 1.5 seconds.

Excuse me??? "Simply too strong"?!?!?!? Uhm, have you ever played against a druid? No, well let me fill you in.... One word: Cyclone. Not removable. Doesn't give you health back as with sheep. Virtually no diminishing returns that I know of (Ian will correct me I'm sure). You want me to "keep in mind that it's certainly not a nerf"...? Are you kidding me? You give something to Hunter's (don't get me started on their class!) that can actually control a druid for once and then you rethink it and decide it's too strong. Yes, god forbid a druid gets to have a challenge in pvp or arenas. Blizzard needs to either admit their fondness for this class or grow a pair and stand up to the whiners on the forums.

You know what I would just *love*? I want... just ONCE... for them to buff priests to say that we are overpowered. I've NEVER seen nor heard a person say Dude, Nerf priests... I've been playing almost since release. I know enough about the game to know that druids and horde are generally favored. Case in point: Last night we had a little pvp going on... Ian and Kirk looked around the horde town for the pansies that ran away when the odds were turned against them... Anyway, the horde town in Hellfire Peninsula has much more stealth detection... flying mount guards (HH currently has none)... more guards in general than Honor Hold has or ever will have. It is completely obvious which side is favored. But even then... I would much rather play Alliance.

I just reached the max amount of resilience you can have. My gear is pretty damn good. I can almost guarantee that if I went into an arena against a druid... I might be able to give him a run for his money because he just can't kill me right away... but cyclone spam... and cheetah kiting... and innervate... and lifebloom... (want me to keep going?) will most likely be the cause of death/outlasting for me. You want me to keep in mind that blatant nerfing of an ability that would give an honest challenge to a druid... isn't in fact a nerf? Because it's "simply too strong". Please.

You can dismiss the above as just the rantings of a pissy female human priest... but talk to me after you done a few rounds with a druid + anything combo and then tell me that one new ability for one class is too strong. Or if your response is simply "then roll a druid". Done. See, I can be overpowered too! Still doesn't make it right.

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