Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Long Road

Waiting.... waiting... waiting... I see this long road ahead of me. I love walking down it. But at some point, I want to sit off to the side and enjoy it. Or go into cruise control and see the sights. I'm a planner. I make plans. I organize. I research. I have these bursts of planning energy and I get really excited for the future. After each trip, that energy is non-existant. I make all of these plans on the way home from the airport to do x, y, z... and I never do any of it. I come home... usually change... hug my pillow and try to sniff out some sort of scent from Ian - usually his hair gel stuff... play a little WoW... listen to some music... flip channels on the TV... and just wait. If I'm really feeling emo, I get insecure about my relationship and try to look for holes in it. Of course, I never really find any... as "sickening" as it is... we are my kind of perfect. I could do many things. Dishes, laundry, many rounds of farming... but I don't do any of it. It usually takes me a couple days of getting back to "normal life". Which is frustrating because whatever this normal life is... it's kind of a half life. I'm living for the future. Always looking forward... always planning...

I'm currently planning to go see Ian in two weeks. Exactly two weeks from today I will be on another flight to Canada to see him. After that I can start the process of getting back to "normal" all over again.

Anyway, another top 5 list from MSN. Top 5 Hardest Levels In Video Games. It's funny... Clubhouse Games is on there again... Sadly, I do remember Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! <-- Note the 2 exclamation points in the title. It was that exciting. Sort of.

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