Monday, June 16, 2008


That's it! Just 2 more weeks until Ian arrives... then glorious vacation... YAY! Time to spiffy up the house and do some grocery shopping. YAY-ish! I was surfing this morning, trying to avoid the inevitable studying for MOS certification. I found some interesting items... Mostly from Kotaku.

I seriously want to play this photography game... In the 90s, I played this really basic game... Yosemite Journalist or something like that. You went to various "locations" and tried to capture certain animals on film. So elementary but yet so awesome.

Here is a really funny account of WoW Powerleveling. I don't know what the draw of this is... I've never considered it. I've only ever considered buying gold. But that was back in the day of hardcore raiding. I just couldn't keep up with the farming and the pots... I never went through with it though. I have some dignity. Lol.

Not sure if I should be concerned by this: Battery Packs Cause Wii Wheel Alignment Issues. I just got a charging station for the Wii Remotes... I haven't set it up yet, so I don't know if the new battery is bigger than normal. However, I highly doubt this will be the reason that I suck so much at Mario Kart.

Meanwhile in other news... A Letter of Ownage was sent to Katherine Heigl. She got all uppity after her initial Emmy win. Someone needed to put her in her place. She's lucky she has a job nowadays. I do agree that she has become just a TAD annoying on Grey's.

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