Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can't... Stop... Listening...

I really love this song... It makes me like... bounce or something... Yes... BOUNCE! *continues tapping toes and ignoring the strange looks*

Entertainment Weekly's Chris Willman Review:

Throughout, allusions to love, death, ghosts, and God emerge — yet the overriding theme remains Martin's mostly endearing insecurity. Take the title track (now a single, pimped in an iTunes ad), on which he imagines himself as a paranoid monarch. ''Who would ever want to be king?'' Martin asks. ''Revolutionaries wait/For my head on a silver plate!'' The confident majesty of the music, however, belies how he and his bandmates have invigorated their rock-lite reign. Protestations aside, the singer can rest assured that it's still good to be the king. A-

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