Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Republicans...

So, a McCain Ad Calls Obama 'Biggest Celebrity In The World'. It's funny... they're almost acting scared of Obama. I especially like the Obama rep quote. I remember around the time of the nominations I was talking to a man I work with. He said who did you vote for? I said Obama. He said "Hmm.. that's cause you're young". He insinuated that just because I was young I was being tricked by Obama's campaign and not seeing Hillary or McCain for their truth worth. I wanted to respond back (but didn't for politeness reasons) "and your generation has done enough to screw up this country - thanks". That kind of thinking... 'oh you're young...' is exactly how McCain is.. he's old, he comes from a different generation of people with old values. Clearly the old policies and values aren't working. Bush has old values. Nuff' said.

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