Friday, July 18, 2008


Wrath of the Lich King beta has started and invitations are going to go out. It would be so great to be involved in beta. I think because now I kind of know how things work... it would be really interesting.

The non-disclosure agreement has been dropped so there is a ton of information to look at. Most interesting to me is the achievements section. Ian says there is a vanity pets section......!

I'm also looking forward to the new enchants added to the game. I've gotten all the major ones: mongoose, boars, potency, dexterity... It will be nice to have a new enchanting goal.

While not a whole lot came out of E3, we did find out that there will be a Star Wars MMO. I'd actually be kind of interested in playing another MMO if it looks good. Ian still needs to get me to see the movies...

The concept art for Tomb Raider: Underworld looks amazing. I enjoyed playing the last one. I will admit I used a walk-through for parts but it was fun nonetheless. It's probably crazy that I like this game because it's full of "video game moves". But I remember the first time I played a Tomb Raider game. I chose the option to go into the mansion "gym"... I loved to bounce around and make my own little mini game out of it. Since it's coming for the Wii I might consider getting it.

And one small mention... nothing was announced at E3 for the DS that I found exciting. But the screens for National Geographic Panda look oh so cute!

Just a reminder.... MATH IS DELICIOUS! (now with more integers!)

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