Monday, July 14, 2008

Gallbladders, iPhones and Ian

I'm back to the land of the living I guess. Three weeks ago I woke up with dull pain that quickly turned into the "Unbearable Pain of Dying". Turns out I have several gallstones and need to have surgery. They can't do the surgery right away because I have an infection. Once that clears up, I will most likely have surgery in the next week or so. I will know more tomorrow. Either way, gallbladders are lame.

I sold a piece of my soul to the devil named Apple. I broke down and was forced at gunpoint to buy the new iPhone. I really just got tired of the Treo and found out that I needed the same data plan as the iPhone to make it work. So, I rationalized it all and ended up standing in line for a couple hours to get one. I am impressed so far. It does everything I wanted it to and more. It will replace my current iPod that isn't doing too good... it flips out and moves the volume up and down randomly. The service isn't exactly perfect everywhere I go. The GPS feature doesn't seem to be working on mine as well. But I'm sure I can get these kinks worked out. Most importantly though... it's pretty. See below.

Ian's visit went really well of course... It felt like every day life after awhile. He was here for 2 weeks... When he left it was like this big empty hole had opened up. I'll see him again in a month but it's not the same. It felt very weird to have to talk to him over msn or on the phone. There are just no words that describe when I climb the stairs in my house and open my door to an empty bedroom. It still upsets me a day later. Meh.. maybe tomorrow will be better.

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