Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Possible Locations - Grist Mill - Waterloo Park

The Grist Mill is open year round and it contains 1 room.
If you would like to see the inside you can call Stan at (519) 725-0511.
Customers wishing more time to decorate before their event must book and pay for this time, in additional 90 minute blocks. Decorating the night before an event cannot be guaranteed. Customers can request early access the week of the event, and if there are no other bookings, we will accommodate their request. If customers wish to view the Grist Mill, they need to call Waterloo
Park and arrange for staff to meet them at the facility, weekdays
between 9am-3pm. Contact number is 725-0511. Rental groups are asked to pick up and return a facility key at Waterloo Park. There is a $20 deposit for the key.

One and one half hours will be allotted for weddings charged out at current rate $ 88.20 Payable by credit card at the time of booking DECORATING GUIDELINES: No (lit) candles, tape, nails, thumbtacks, staples or sticky tack to be used. Mini lights are allowed (can be draped or wrapped around the beams). Please note that the wooden drying trays displayed on the beams CANNOT be moved to accommodate the lights. Floral arrangements are permitted. Artifacts cannot be moved, stood upon or taken down from walls -should you want something moved please inform City Staff when the building is opened for you. Furniture cannot be moved, stood upon or displaced -should you want something moved please inform City Staff when the building is opened for you. No confetti, rice, rose petals or bubbles. Food and/or Beverages are not permitted. Maximum (75) chairs (Fire Code regulation) Be advised that there are no washroom facilities or water on this site (Portable washrooms can be rented and arranged at time of booking).

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