Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Second Skin Film

For people who don't game... they don't seem to understand how people could connect through a game. But coming from a person who got to know another person primarily through a MMO... I can tell you there is something special and interesting about getting to know someone else through this medium. Second Skin is a film about MMOs and the people who play them. Call it what you want... Geeky... Nerdy... whatever. WoW has given me some of the worst moments in my life and most of the best. I used to play a lot. I was definitely fulfilling some unmet need. Now, it's this hobby that I love. I'm very thankful that I got into playing Warcraft... I am glad though that I am not in a guild that does hardcore raiding. Sometimes I miss it... but after awhile it starts to feel like a job. Ugh.. I can't go out tonight because I have to raid.. or I have to be home from work at a certain time because we're going to attempt this boss... You have the people who take the game SO seriously... it's literally their whole life. It can be hard to take when you're just a person who hopes to stay a casual gamer. Anyway, watch the trailer... it's interesting. Unfortunately, I will probably never see it because it's one of those awesome indie flicks I never seem to to catch or never goes mainstream. Same with My Mother's Garden... Awesome trailer... but will probably never see it. Boo.

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