Thursday, December 18, 2008

Better Day

Today should be a much better day. I got into work in 45 minutes... The only bump in the road is that Friday will have a lot of snow dumped on us. I think I will take my laptop home with me tonight just in case.

Tonight we are going to downtown Toronto to pick up the pieces of the desk we chose. I've always wanted this desk... even before I saw it at my sister's house. It's perfect for the set up we need in the 2nd bedroom. We will be getting the corner desktop, the small desktop with legs and 2 or 3 cabinets to support it - all in black.

Other than that... everything else is going good. I really can't wait to be settled. We are inching closer to moving into our own new place... It will be nice to hopefully have our dresser and a permanent place to put all my clothes. Right now it's the little things that I am looking forward to. Like... a permanent place for me to put my cell phone charger. Being able to put my suitcases AWAY... Store my books in an actual bookcase (granted we don't have it yet... but it's in the works!). Unfortunately, Ian has to work most of the time that I am off. But that's okay... I can get stuff done around our new place. No more boxes... no more moving... no more hopping on a plane every month. Although I must say... I can't wait to start planning our first trip back to California. I love the weather here. I love the cold... the rain... the overcast skies... however it makes me appreciate California more. I can always hop on a plane and soak up a bit of the sun. I'm very lucky.

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