Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 5 - Memphis, TN To Bristol, TN

Another day on the road... for me today was much better. Not so much for Ian. He had to drive on a curvy mountain road and a detour on Interstate 40. We left Memphis (such a relief)... and drove probably the biggest chunk of time. We made it all the way past Nashville before stopping for gas. It's amazing when you can fill up your completely empty gas tank for less than $20. I still can't believe that in the same year we see the highest gas prices ever and on our cross country trip we see some of the lowest in years.

As fun as this trip as been... I think Ian and I are looking forward to staying at my sister's house. It will be nice to not stay in a hotel and see the Cooper Pooper. Speaking of him... my sister says he drools almost constantly and almost has to wear a bib because of it. How awesome is that??? Tomorrow we drive about 300 miles to Sterling, VA and we're going to stay there a couple days. We plan to leave on Friday for Buffalo, NY and then cross the border on Saturday. Hopefully all goes as planned!

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