Thursday, January 1, 2009

Moving Day!

We have moooooooooooooved. On New Years Day, we officially moved into the apartment. Note to self: Never move in the winter time! It was severely cold outside... the wind would just blow right through you. There were only a few hiccups... the apartment building itself is still very much under construction. The hallway doesn't have the carpet in... the elevators are still covered in protecting layers of plastic and wood... my parking spot underground isn't even ready yet. Our apartment is for the most part done. You can really tell though that construction crews have just been through. There are bunch of dents and scraps throughout that may need to be fixed. We had a plumbing issue in the guest bath that was fixed today... little things but tonight we are going to document it all at their request. Our heat isn't working and it should be fixed on Monday. All in all it's wonderful... doesn't feel like a home yet... Ian said it was at first a freight train (don't ask me why...) but today it's a little more like a hotel. The view is awesome too...

We have received our living room furniture - I've been dying to sit on something other than the floor or the bed. I will post pictures tomorrow of everything as it gets cleaned up. We should receive our bedroom furniture tomorrow. Oh and we got our internet in! Yay!

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We need more pictures