Monday, January 19, 2009

Spiffied Up

On Saturday, I went to that hair salon I mentioned to get my hair coloured (yes, I know I added an extra U to that word... silly isn't it?) and cut. I was really nervous as I was driving because I went through a dealership area... some random houses... then into an industrial area... I was just imagining what kind of hair salon would be in the middle of an old industrial area...... But then I crossed some train tracks and saw this remodeled train depot building. It was right next to the river which is completely frozen over now.

The appointment went well... The lady colored my hair in a seperate area and then took me to her station. It was made out of the bottom of an old Singer Sewing Machine with a wood top. We discussed the possibility of her doing my hair for the wedding. We might do a trial run soon because I need to know how my hair is going to do in the winter time. While I really want to have my hair down... I just don't know if it's possible given it's current state of frizz. I might have to go with my dream hair back up of a Jackie O style bun. Anyway, here is a shot of me after my appointment... a little wind blown.

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