Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guilty Gamer

I read an interesting article on Massively.com today. Behind the Curtain: The Guilt of an MMO Gamer. It's funny because Ian and I fall into the category of people who have a ton of alts. But I do feel some sort of guilt when I'm not able to play certain characters. I really want to spend some time leveling my druid... but then I have a cute little gnome warlock that hasn't seen any action in months. Not to mention my kick-ass Draenai Hunter who has a pet named DIAPERBUTT =D. As our lives settle down, we are finding more and more time to play WoW... but it will never be on the level of our past. I think the most fun I have in game is running Heroics with Kirk. But unless the group gets someone who is willing to play a healer... I'm stuck playing my main. =/ I feel good that my amount of time spent playing WoW can now be considered a healthy amount. However, I feel guilty that I'm not dusting off Tinkerbritt or breaking out the Oomkin and spamming green bolts. Anyway, this will not make any sense to about 95% of the people who read this. But I decided to share with the remaining 5%. =P

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